Ubiquity Energy powers homes, businesses, planes and we are active in trying to bring our technologies to developing countries. The team at Ubiquity Energy has been involved in the alternative energy industry for more than 20 years. Our team has vast knowledge of concepts, implementations, operations and overall management of Solar and Alternative energy products and projects. Ubiquity Energy acquires, takes on and deploys projects globally.

Ubiquity Energy origins go back to 2012, focused as PV modules producer. Our headquarters are located in Panama City, Panama. Colombia, Brazil, and United States are the main countries where Ubiquity Energy is participating as a provider. From our headquarters, we research and develop new solutions to improve the performance of our modules and systems. We also coordinate all the logistics and product delivery from here to any world’s place. Ubiquity’s professional staff is highly qualified with wide expertise in photovoltaic area.


At ubiquity we want to make the energy of the future profitable today. Our mission is to be a leader in developing energy solutions, actively contributing to social welfare and sustainable development. Our decentralised manufacturing process adapts to the characteristics of each market, thanks to producing in our factories located in Asia. If necessary, we can set up our production line anywhere in the world.


Already more than 85,000 families trust us to bring them clean and efficient energy.

Trust in a company with thousands of Watts of experience!

With projects in many regions, Ubiquity has the experience, knowledge and capability to carry out any type of photovoltaic project. No matter how large or how far, wherever you are, we’ll be there!From the smallest projects to those most demanding, Ubiquity has proven to be the right choice for all photovoltaic projects such as those in Panama, Colombia, Philippines, Brazil and the United States. The quality of our TM-Series® modules, our experience, and the PV projects successfully working at full capacity are all the proof you need to confirm what we are capable of.

At Ubiquity, we have two research and development lines, one focused on the high efficiency of our modules and the other dedicated to researching new technologies to implement the current photovoltaic technology. With this in mind, we are conducting the first tests with grapheme, the material that is set to revolutionise the computer and solar industries, replacing silicon which is used currently. In the maximum efficiency division, we study the performance of all our panels throughout the product value chain, from the silicon extraction process, the treatment of the solar cells and their subsequent transformation into the TM-Series® solar panels that we offer our customers. It is for this reason that we can offer the best performance in our research, and in consequence, to our customers. From our production headquarters in Asia, we coordinate the two divisions, to which we allocate more than 5% of the group’s annual budget.

High performance, quality, respect for the environment and making clean energy profitable are our motivation to continue evolving in this industry. We work hard to make this world a better and cleaner place to live for our children and for future generations to come. We work to bring all the energy of the Sun to your home.

Company Certifications

ISO – 9001

ISO – 14001

OSHAS – 18001