About Ubiquity

Ubiquity has a well respected diverse team of industry experts with over 75 years combined experience. Welcome to the Ubiquity Energy family.

William T. Love
Mr. Love is a Co-Founder of GEN_X Associates. GEN_X Associates is a GEN X is a holistic employment and life skills training program founded in Camden, New Jersey. Mr. Love graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering Department with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Urban Planning (a dual degree in conjunction with Rutgers University, Newark). Mr. Love has a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School Business Administration Department. As an Aside, Mr. Love also has an A.S. in Architectural Design. Mr. Love has extensive experience in Environmental Planning. He has been the Principal Planner for multiple multi-million dollar transportation projects. Mr. Love is an expert on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). He has written several Environmental Impact Statements as well as numerous other environmental documents. Mr. Love is also an expert at Federal Resource Agency permit coordination. Mr. Love worked his way through school by doing energy audits for the US Department of Energy and being an Independent Contractor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Albert S. Driggins

Currently, Mr. Driggins is a Co-Founder of GEN_X Associates. GEN_X Associates is a GEN X is a holistic employment and life skills training program founded in Camden, New Jersey. See genxjt.net. Mr. Driggins graduated from Glassboro State College (currently known as Rowan University) with a B.S. in Law and Justice. Mr. Driggins has over 25 years of diversified background in social and community services. His industry and business management experience includes Vice President of Special Projects, Project Management and Business; Oversaw and maintained automated production operations to insure quality and productivity goals. Mr. Driggins coordinated the collective bargaining negotiations for 1000 employees of the Teamsters, UFCW and IBEW.

Alberto E. Goachet

Mr. Goachet was born in Lima, Peru, and after studies of Marketing, Research, Journalism and Advertising, landed his first job at an advertising agency and later at Procter and Gamble.
In 1966 opened an advertising agency in partnership with a Madison Avenue shop and remained in the advertising field for the next 35 years, working for or with partnerships with reputed U.S. shops like Leo Burnett, Ted Bates and J. Walter Thompson.
In 1990 went solo, opening a consulting office specializing in Marketing, Corporate Organization, Business Strategy and Personal Development.
After a stint as Executive Director of the Central Communications Office of the Government of Puerto Rico, he returned to private practice, helping a number of different enterprises to develop their businesses as well as providing support for foreign companies willing to relocate in Puerto Rico.
A consummate writer has published a number of books, from politics to reference, innumerable press and magazine articles and is currently finishing his first three novels.
He is also a committed citizen, belonging to non-profit organizations as well as two Boards of Directors.
Currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his wife of 43 years. Has four sons, all accomplished professionals.