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Ubiquity Begins in Philippines. Panama, Colombia, and parts of the United States and Mexico are next! Thanks to @charna_coin   charnacoin.com for the support of these great projects.


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Innovative financing may help clean the Pacific Ocean Gyres of debris

Renewed impulse for Rafiei El Enterprises Project for cleaning up three areas of the Pacific Ocean where pollution and debris are damaging the ocean.

July 24, 2016 – It is scientifically known that three enormous gyres are polluting our Pacific Ocean in the East, the West and the South with enormous concentrations of plastic, debris, oil and other wasted materials. Attempts are underway in Japan (AIST) and Europe (Ocean Clean Up Project in the Netherlands), with limited results. Based in Panama, the Pacific Reclmation Inc (Lyrical Clause Inc) has devised a more comprehensive and ambitious program that not only collects the debris but processes them to produce diesel fuel, distilled water and ash that can be used as fertilizer, in a unique method that not only is environmentally sound but also economically viable. This project will concentrate on two major Gyres of the Pacific Ocean along with several minor Gyres, and will be based in Panama, Central America.
The attempt to clean the millions of plastic material that comprise the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, proposes using the ocean’s own currents to concentrate the debris and use state-of-the-art technology that includes fiber optics to magnetize plastic and make it easily collectable by special barges. This collected material is transported to processing plants where it is turned into useful compounds and generates its own electric power to operate.
The ambitious project, baptized as Pacific Reclamation, has now been revitalized by an alliance with Charna Coin, a crypto currency issued by Charna Crypto/Charna Wallet, which will allow big or small investors, to contribute the funds necessary for the project, while benefiting from the proceedings of the operation, thus not only contributing to an important environmental cause, but also becoming a sound investment.
The project has finalized its test stage and is ready for its first major attempt to collect millions of tons of plastic debris, slated for early 2017.
All the investments made by purchasing Charna Coins SP (Specific Project) will go to finance the operation and all ROI (Return on Investment) will increase the value of the coin accordingly. This will be another instance in which Charna Coins reaffirms its commitment to the environment, already in the solar industry with Ubiquity Solar, as well as in the education and agriculture fields.
Charna Coins have become one of the fastest growing crypto currencies, since its inception in April of 2016 with an average growth of 59.9% to date.
Charna Coins, based in Florida, U.S.A., accepts purchasing by any qualified person or entity, from anywhere in the World, and allows for trading internationally and swap conversions into fiat currencies.